Anatomy of a Spinnaker Set: Part 3 – The Poleless Jibe Set


            So the tactician decided to jibe set too late to get everything set up (figures). No problem, we’ll just set the spinnaker without a pole and sort it out later! This is strictly a light to moderate air maneuver and we’re gonna need to practice this one. The idea is the same as a jibe set, but the setup is the same as the bear-away set. We hoist the spinnaker without the pole as the boat turns down and rotate it around the front of the boat through the jibe, then set up the pole on the new windward side. Sounds simple doesn’t it?


1. Approach to Layline


2. On Layline (probably pretty damn close to the mark)


3. Two Boatlengths to the Mark


4. At the Mark


5. After the Rounding