Resolute Racing Results 2008


May 17-18                                                       Jaime Boeckel Memorial Regatta                                  4th Place


May 31                                                            Huntington Bay Championship                                     

                                                                                    Huntington Day Race                                                         1st Place

                                                                                                                Lloyd’s Trophy                                                                    1st Place


June 20                                                            Newport Bermuda Race                                               2nd Place in division

                                                                                                                                                            10th Place overall (IRC)                                                                                                                              


September 20-21, 27-28                                  American Yacht Club Fall Series                                   Sailing on Spirit while Resolute is on the hard                            


October 18-19                                                 J44 North American Championship                               4th Place

                                                                                    At Sea Cliff Yacht Club



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