Gulf Stream and Weather – Information for the Bermuda Race

Weather Underground

WxAdvantage – Bill Biewenga’s site – a good consolidation of free information (e.g., Gulf Stream, satellite, weatherfax)

NOAA Hydrometeorological Prediction Center Everything you ever wanted to know about weather

WeatherFax – NOAA Weatherfax charts for the North Atlantic

NOAA Ocean Prediction Center – Weather maps - surface pressure analyses, 500mb, and forecasts – easy to view

NOAA Air Resource Lab


Boater's Box for Tides and Forecasts

Western LIS Data Buoy 40º57'21" N 73º34'48" W

Central LIS Data Buoy 41º8'15" N 72º39'18" W

National Data Buoy Center Northeast USA Recent Marine Data

LI Radar

Launch Code - Airs Aloft

Directory of NOAA Online


Stability and Lapse Rate Information

NCEP NAM Convective Forecasting Page – Forecasts for Surface Based CAPE and Lifted Index

UNISYS Current Lifted Index Plot

UNISYS Current CAPE Plot

NOAA Storm Prediction Center – In Thermodynamic Fields, find SBCAPE and Lifted Index


Tides & Currents

Gulf Stream – Rutgers Satellite Sea Surface Temperature daily composites

Gulf Stream – Navy analysis (select NA6 Composite – color graphic)

Gulf Stream – Navy NLOM currents

Gulf Stream – DEOS Gulf Stream current velocities

Gulf Stream – Johns Hopkins APL – sea surface temperature composites

Gulf Stream Altimeter Data – Sea Height Anomaly and Geostrophic Currents (check “Currents,” Lon/Lat should include -75, -62/45, 30)

Kings Point Observation Station

NOAA Tidal Currents in LIS

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